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Pastor Steve

 I attended MWKC Tres Dias #9 and was privileged to sit at the table of John. I am an ordained minister and was humbled because I thought that I was pretty sharp and knew a lot. I found out how wrong I was that weekend. The weekend was full of worship and love and fellowship. I can't remember a time where I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so much and God was definitely at work in and around all of us 


To sum it up... Tres Dias is a "Game Changer". My weekend opened my eyes to what a loving relationship with God should look like and how to experience it every day after. Changed my life forever! 


 What a great blessing my Tres Dias weekend was. I truly experience Jesus love in a powerful way. After being a Christian for thirty years, I was a little dry in my walk. This weekend helped me to see God's love and gave me a new perspective of who I was in Christ. I love to be Jesus hands and feet, a fisher of men telling others about Him. After the weekend my boldness for Christ was greater than ever. An amazing life-changing weekend. Thank you, Tres Dias!  


 When I attended St Louis Tres Dias # 14, my first thoughts were what have I gotten myself into. Then as the weekend progressed, I saw God’s love all around just pouring all over us. My relationship with God grew stronger over the weekend and has shown me that I am a child of God! Thank you! 


I went to Tres Dias to meet like-minded Christian men and build on my faith. I thought this would be a great retreat to help me along. But, not only did Tres Dias help me bond with other Christian men, I received a stronger relationship with my heavenly Father. I am now living with a stronger faith, building on my relationship with Christ and leaning on God and my new friends to help me on this journey.  It was truly a life-changing weekend. 


I think it is all about strengthening your relationship with Jesus. I have seen new Christians, mature Christians and even seasoned Pastors go through Tres Dias and the one thing that is always consistent is the Lord meets you right were you are. He uses Tres Dias to strengthen your relationship with him and propels you forward in your Christian walk.  


My stress level is next to nothing…  My patience is through the roof…  My love for others within our church, within our community, at work, and at home is overflowing from a well-spring that does not come from within me or my own power.  My days are brighter because He is with me every step of the way!


Tres Dias brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and was pivotal in deepening my walk with Jesus Christ. I have fallen in love with Jesus and He is my very Best Friend. If you are asked to attend Tres Dias ,I urge you to talk with God about it. If you feel He is leading you to experience a Tres Dias weekend, be aware; you will not leave unchanged. More often than not you will go home with a deeper sense of what God’s love is and how we can show it to others.  


 I am not going to tell you that you need this weekend, maybe you do, maybe you don't. What I will tell you is that I am confident you will love it. As for me I always need it. In fact, each weekend can't come soon enough and every time I leave the weekend, I am renewed in the Spirit of God. If I am searching for something, the Father provides an answer or direction and if I'm not, He does it anyway.  What I experienced on this weekend is nothing short of the Glory of God revealed by Holy Spirit using regular, humble, broken, forgiven, awesome men. The men were from every walk of life, from biker dudes to bankers, brand new Christians to Pastors. That is one of the many blessings I received from this experience. If you ever wonder what Heaven might be like.... for me this weekend is a small glimpse. 


I would have to say it was like having a three day mountain-top experience with Jesus. His presence is so alive in every aspect of the weekend. The outpouring of love is so amazing, that you come away knowing that you are truly His and truly loved by Him!!! I left my weekend rebuilt, refreshed, and rewarded with a heart like I had never known before. My feet are now firmly planted with the desire to continue to share my renewed and overflowing love of Christ with others! 


I have been a born again Christian for 20 years. During that time I knew Jesus loved me, but I didn't realize how much He truly loved me. That was until my 1st Tres Dias weekend. The love that was given to me by the men on that weekend was love I have never experienced before. These men went out of there way to serve my every need. And they were having a blast doing it. I witnessed this love from the very minute it started until now, 5 years later. My wife and I have committed ourselves to make Tres Dias a lifelong ministry due to the love shown to us and we want to give back this love. Tres Dias has given me a glimpse of how much Christ really does love me. 

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